Our sunroom really needed some charming exterior furniture, so I created strategies to build a Do It Yourself outdoor couch! This was my first item of DIY exterior furnishings that I have actually developed and also now I intend to construct a whole matching set!

Do It Yourself outdoor couch

I love exactly how our outdoor couch ended up as well as I’m thrilled to share the step by step tutorial! The couch was developed to fit with two sets of these stunning, outside paddings (the Sevilla Substitute Cushions), which I’m caring thus far also! Keep an eye out for the sales on them, I obtained them 50% off!

Cushions utilized for DIY outside couch – click image to shop

DIY outdoor couch

If you make use of various paddings than the ones over, make certain to adjust the below reduced measurements!

One of the very best functions about this Do It Yourself outside sofa is that it only cost $30 in lumber to construct!!! The exterior discolor I used was an extra $15, so a total amount of $45 for me to develop it!

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( 8) 2 × 3 @ 8ft (framing lumber).
( 2) 1 × 3 @ 8ft.
2 1/2 ″ Deck Screws (optional– see action # 2).
2 ″ brad nails.
2 1/2 ″ Kreg screws (climate resistant).
Stainable wood filler.
( 2) collections of outdoor cushions (I made use of these Sevilla Occasional cushions) **.
Exterior timber tarnish (I utilized a quart of Valspar exterior stain in Pinebark).
Kreg Jig.
Miter saw.
Brad nailer.
Measuring tape.
** If you make use of different pillows, make certain to adjust the below cut dimensions!

The final size of this Do It Yourself exterior sofa is 26 ″ high x 62 1/2 ″ large x 30 1/4 ″ deep.

Utilize a miter saw as well as make the adhering to cuts from the 2x3s:.

4 pieces @ 24 1/2 ″.
2 pieces @ 30 1/4 ″.
5 pieces @ 57 1/2 ″.
8 items @ 27 1/4 ″.
Add 2 pocket openings with the Kreg Jig to each end of 2 of the 27 1/4 ″ pieces.

two short boards attached to long board to start forming outdoor couch side frames

Suggestion: See my how to make use of a Kreg Jig blog post for an easy, detailed tutorial and video clip tutorial on exactly how to make use of the Kreg Jig!

include kreg opening to both ends of timber board.

Mark 10 ″ up from all-time low of among the 24 1/2 ″ items (on the side of it). Connect among the 27 1/4 ″ items perpendicularly to the 24 1/2 ″ item at the 10 ″ mark. See to it to connect it so the edge of the 27 1/4 ″ piece is flush with the top edge of the 24 1/2 ″ item as received the below image. I used a scrap 1 × 2 and repaint stick beneath of the board to help with this part!

Attach longer boards to much shorter boards to start making side couch frames.

Then attach both together with 2 1/2 ″ Kreg screws. Repeat this process beyond of the 27 1/4 ″ piece. Once finish your side framework piece will resemble this:.

two brief boards connected to long board to start forming outside sofa side frames.

Next off, affix one of the 30 1/4 ″ boards to the top of the framework with 2 1/2 ″ deck screws and so they are countersunk under the timber surface area (you will certainly load them with wood filler later). I neglected to get deck screws, so I simply made use of Kreg screws rather, which works also! To do this, I used a 3/8 ″ drill little bit and pierced a superficial hole, just deep enough to cover my screw head. After that, I drilled my pilot opening inside of that larger opening with a smaller little bit for the Kreg screw. Lastly, I drilled in my Kreg screw to affix both boards.

drill pilot holes to put together top of outdoor couch side frames.

Repeat on the back of the side framework item and after that your side frame is complete!

Set up Do It Yourself outside couch side frames.

Repeat the above process to develop the second side frame piece for your DIY exterior sofa.

Currently it’s time to add the horizontal slat boards to the side structures. This action is completely optional. These slats are more an attractive function than structural. I assume they make the Do It Yourself outdoor couch look actually amazing as well as will help protect against toss pillows from befalling the sides!

Add side slat boards to side frames

Attach the 1×3 slat boards with a brad nailer and 2″ brad nails.

Add side slat boards to side frames with brad nailer and brad nails wood side frame with wood slats for DIY outdoor sofa

Measure the exact range in between the two legs of the side frameworks and also reduced three 1x3s to this size. The dimensions need to be close to 27 1/4 ″ however because we’re dealing with framing lumber, they will probably be a little different. Each of my three slats were a little various in size, so see to it to gauge precisely where the board is going. The boards need to be spaced out 1 3/4 ″ from each other:.

Add side slat boards to side structures.

Affix the 1 × 3 slat boards with a brad nailer as well as 2 ″ brad nails.

Add side slat boards to side frames with brad nailer as well as brad nails.

attach bottom frame of couch together with kreg screws

wood side framework with timber slats for DIY outside sofa.

Repeat the above process for the 2nd side framework.

Add pocket holes to both ends of the continuing to be 6 boards @ 27 1/4 ″ AND to the ends of the 5 boards @ 57 1/2 ″.

Then utilize Kreg screws and affix 4 of the 27 1/4 ″ boards perpendicularly to two of the 57 1/2 ″ boards as shown in the below picture. Make sure the 57 1/2 ″ boards pocket openings are encountering the inside. Space the 27 1/4 ″ boards about 6 ″ part and also connect the very first as well as 4th board regarding 14 1/2 ″ up from the side board ends. Keep in mind, you will add the various other 2 boards in soon, however not yet so you can quickly fit your drill in the room and also affix this base structure sideways framework in the following step.

attach base frame of couch together with kreg screws.

Attach bottom frame to outdoor couch side frames

Affix the bottom structure to the side structures making use of 2 1/2 ″ Kreg screws as well as 10 ″ up from the ground (as shown in photo below). It aids to place the side structure flat on the flooring as well as have a 2nd individual hold up all-time low frame in addition to it.

Attach bottom frame to exterior sofa side structures.

Once both side frameworks have been attached to the bottom frame, go on and also include the last two 27 1/4 ″ boards under structure (from step # 4). If it’s challenging to get them in place, use a hammer to tap them in place much better.

finish adding in bottom frame boards couch build

Front view of DIY outdoor couch before staining

DIY outdoor furniture an outdoor couch in sunroom

Here’s another angle of it!

DIY outdoor sofa

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